Month: January 2008

Taking MMA to another level….

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I watched a very interesting video at Using technology you often see with EA Sports (video games) or on that Sports Science show on Fox Sports, an academy in Fair Lawn, New Jersey is capturing and converting fighters’ movements into computer animated graphics. Martin Rooney, a columnist with the magazine, describes how they use it to analyze and improve fighters’ performance.

Extra Place to Train: Gi Included

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I found a Tae Kwon Do academy that offers Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in my city. Further, it is located about 2 to 3 miles away from my house. I could walk there if I wanted to (I wouldn’t be able to make it back though because I am usually toast after grappling).

I talked to the owner and he told me that they are qualified to offer blue belts in BJJ. They also train with the gi or kimono, which is awesome. I believe that they are ‘Gracie affiliated’ due to the way that he described the program, however, I will have to wait and see how that will pan out.

The classes are held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays and one Saturday a month. I would only be able to go on Fridays and the one Saturday class because the Tuesday class conflicts with the place where I currently train. I am going to sit in on a class this Friday at 7pm and hopefully I can start training in BJJ with the gi.

Sambo Steve: An Interesting Submission

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I ‘happened across’ a video of Sambo Steve who has an interesting series of videos on YouTube. Although the video’s purpose was to demonstrate a counter to a toehold or knee-crush, it wasn’t the counter that caught my attention. It was the toehold or knee-crush submission.

I am often able to obtain the back of my opponent while they assume a turtle position. One of the easiest things to do is to get at least one hook in. Usually I will work to get the other hook in and pull my opponent backwards or I may grab an arm and attempt an arm-bar. However, I never thought about hooking one foot, spinning out and then sinking in a submission on the hooked leg.

The video demonstrates it better than I can describe it…

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The Coincidences Keep Coming…

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A few days ago I wrote a post about finding video of my first BJJ instructor, David (Dah-veed) Fermin. Well, while watching the videos I noticed that my current head instructor, Cam McHargue, has refereed at least two of his MMA matches.

I’ll have to ask Cam if he knows David personally, but it is interesting either way. Apparently there are less than six degrees of separation in BJJ and MMA.

Twister Side Control

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While perusing through Eddie Bravo’s book, Mastering the Rubber Guard, I came accross the Twister Side Control. It reminded me of the technique that we often use in our class where we switch our hips from a scarf-hold position to face in the other direction. From that point we would usually pull down the opponent’s knee, if it was being used to block, and then insert our far leg over our sparring partner’s stomach to obtain the mount.

The Twister side control, however, allows you to set up the Twister. I tried to to use the side control in class twice last week and I ended up having my sparring partner pop up both times and attempt to take my back.

I’ll keep working on it though….

My First BJJ Instructor: David Fermin

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I can’t believe it. I found some video of my old instructor from Tallahasse, Florida. I couldn’t ever find anything on him before because I never knew his last name. I just knew that his first name was David (pronounced Dah-veed). This is the man that provided the base and a substantial amount of my BJJ knowledge (WorldVibe Jiu-Jitsu).

I heard that my hometown had a new BJJ academy open up so on a whim I typed in Tallahassee and Jiu-jitsu in YouTube to see what would happen. A bunch of his videos popped up. I found out that his last name is Fermin.

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I also found a number of his fights on YouTube as well. He told us before that he wanted to instruct local law enforcement, etc., so he wanted to add a couple of fights to his resume. However, it seems that he has had more than a couple..

Brings back memories and in a strange way has provided me with motivation. David used to grapple with all of us one after another like a machine (sometimes as many as 8 of us). All of the acrobatic movements and unique looking drills that you see him doing in the video I picked up from him.

It’s good to see that he is doing well…

***If you check out the vodpod video on the left (David Fermin x Chris) you will see David’s opponent throw a punch and David catches him in a arm and head choke while standing. ***

Knee-on-Belly (KOB) Success/Class Wrap-up

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Good news. I have been able to add the knee-on-belly (KOB) technique to my arsenal with much success. My practice on the heavy bag paid off. I attempted it on two different guys in class, multiple times, and was able to obtain it every single time.

I think the mere explosiveness of the move is what allowed me to gain the position. I noticed that two things generally occured when I tried out the KOB in class. My opponent was momentarily shocked that it happened and didn’t react quickly  and I could either go back to side mount or full mount or they immediately shrimped away from my knee. So my next plan of action is to find a way to set up a trap for when they shrimp away.

In other good news, I am improving in my ability to control Big “J.” I noticed that my guard pass has become a little more proficient and that I am able to hold him down for an extended period of time. I even heard him grunt a few times so that means that I am using my weight more effectively. Yet, my main problem is when he gains the mount on me. It seems as if he is standing up when he is kneeling over me and he usually taps me from this position. Last night it was an armbar. I’ll figure it out though…..

I’ve noticed that the fluidity that I once used to display (in my opinion) is coming back and a guy in class complimented me on my ability to defend rear-naked-chokes. So overall, I am happy with my improvements….