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BJJ: It’s a Family Thing….

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I signed my nephews up for BJJ classes so they will be attending most Saturdays. Today Smiley had them run at least 7 minutes of laps around the academy followed by shrimping. They still haven’t learned to pace themselves yet and were gasping for air after the third minute.

After the warmup they worked on half-guard and taking their opponents’ back from this position. They both seem to be improving quickly, but still have a long way to go. One thing I noticed is that it is better for them to work with others because it forces them to keep working. The oldest (10) will keep moving, but the youngest (8 years old) will rest if you let him.

When it was time to roll, my nephews still had their handful with the other two little brothers who attend the class. They still don’t know how to respond to takedown attempts, someone climbing on their back and to someone who knows how to dominate them.

But they’ll get it.