Dana went full retard —- “Never go full retard.”

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Last night’s TUF episode was truly entertaining, although the decision-making left me thinking, “Hunh?” I have always thought that having alcohol in a house full of men quarantined in a “McMansion” with nothing to do was asking for trouble. The producers always get what they want. It also exacerbates any alcohol issues the ‘fellas’ have.

Yet, the two guys, Junie Browning and Shane Nelson with the drinking issues on last night’s show were a danger to everyone. I mean, put you in the hospital dangerous. The only thing saving this episode from truly getting out of hand was the fact that the sober ones wanted to remain in the house and not get kicked out for beating up a drunk guy.

Dana’s decision to keep these guys in the house boggles me. I can recall plenty of times, when I was in the Army, guys who would turn into angry raging drunks after a few beers. No one was safe and someone usually ended up getting hurt. No matter how many times Dana called the pair “retarded” it didn’t change the fact that they were always a second away from having a visit from the paramedics the night before.

He endangered all of those other guys by letting them stay. It is also unfair to those kicked off the show for fighting. Some of those altercations weren’t alcohol related and I’m sure they would not have done it again, knowing what was at stake.

But I must admit, this season’s crew are making up for the last season.