Month: December 2010


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I’ve been working on my ’10th Planet Game” for the past couple of weeks. I incorporated Twister side control (TSC) into my arsenal over two years ago, but I stopped trying to get the Twister once I realized that I could achieve mount easily once I had TSC. However, for the past two weeks I have been incorporating Old School Sweep (again) and the Electric Chair (for the first time) into my game. Surprisingly, I was able to pull off the Electric Chair with no hassle.


Since I have executed it a few times with no problems I decided to move on to the Twister. During flow drilling today I was working with a fellow Blue Belt, Rob, and I was able to pull off half of the technique. He wasn’t resisting so it was no big deal, yet I have never gotten that close on completing a Twister ever. He ended up in an entirely different position than I expected and I couldn’t complete it, but when I let go he said, “That was cool!”

It’s a shame, but I just said thanks like I meant to do it.

Later on I was rolling with a new woman, who came from another gym. She put me in a reverse triangle when I had her in side control. It felt like my head was going to pop open for a few seconds until I figured out how to get out. When I tried to do the Twister on her I was able to establish Twister side control. Then I brought her leg over and locked it down and then I rolled over my left shoulder. I lost my lock down on the way over and my grip on her other foot  and somehow we ended up laying side by side on the ground. We just looked at each other and laughed.

I’ll keep working on the Twister.

We also did some drills with those huge ropes you always see fighters on UFC countdown using to demonstrate that they have really been working hard. We did three 30 second rounds. I thought to myself, “Okay three rounds, I can handle that.” I could and did. What I didn’t count on is my back muscles seizing up like some one hit them with a hammer. I have to be careful with that exercise.

I was a little bit off during all the rolls today but I know all days won’t be stellar.


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Pulling Guard and Guard Passing

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Today it was just three of us in the morning session. I worked with Nathan (Brown belt) and Steven (White belt, 4 stripes).

Since Steven is preparing for a competition we worked on pulling and maintaining guard. Hilarity ensued as Nathan tried to have us jump guard. Both of us are 200+ so neither of us seemed to trust that the other would be able to safely hold the other. Every time we jumped it was more like a light skip. I have Judo experience so I am pretty fearless about being thrown but I am not to keen on having a big guy crash down on top of me.

Eventually, Nathan altered it when he realized that we should modify the technique because it would probably be safer for us.

Then Nathan had us work on maintaining the guard with the major focus on maintaining at least 3 points of control. I picked up a lot of tips on how to shift the hips and shoulders to maintain the guard. I also realized that I could also sit up to grab a leg and press forward for an ankle pick or lock up the leg and press forward for the takedown. Nathan focused on reversing us from being passive once the guard has been almost passed to being active and going on the offensive.

After this we did 5 min rds (rolling) until class was over.

A productive session.

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The briefest update…

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Check out my new books, The Lazy Man’s Guide to Grappling and Grappling for Newbies on!

I am still grappling, I am just in flux right now. I am searching for a new place to train so I am operating under the radar.