Month: January 2016

The Comeback…

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I have been out of the lifestyle for a while and it is time for me to return. A few weeks ago, I made a promise to myself and told my wife that I am going to start training, but now I need to go public.

March 18, 2016 – I will rejoin a BJJ academy.

Oh yeah, I am bringing someone with me.

I am also going to sign my daughter up for training. She will be nearer four years of age (than not) by that time so we are going to go together.

Why March 18th?

A couple of things.

I am getting ready to move. I don’t want to join a new place and sign a contract and have to leave in three or so months. However, in March we will be close to our moving date and I will have a 10 day break during this period where I can sign up, train a little and prepare for the eventual move to our new location and new academy.

Also, I can’t just jump back into training as before, for a number of reasons. I am just feeling 100 percent from an over-training  injury to my shoulder, which affected my chest, tricep and forearm as well. This two week episode was scary for me and I realized that I can’t just jump into hard training. I have to ease back into it and sensibly.

When I was taking Judo as a 24 or 25 year old I remember a guy came in who was 41. He was gung-ho and game, but he hadn’t done any serious training (in anything) for a while. He made it through the warm-up, but injured his knee before the first drill was over. He never came back.

Now, I am not this man. I have grappling experience and I have been exercising during my 2 year hiatus, but I still put on weight during this time and I have not trained specifically to deal with the rigors of grappling. I need to prepare to get back on the mat. I am 42 now, which isn’t old, but I need to pay attention to preparation, rest and recovery.

My hips aren’t as flexible, my legs feel tight and I don’t feel as limber as before. I also need to amp up my endurance (anaerobic and aerobic) and work on some basics before I go back.

Unlike my daughter, who sometimes sits in the splits when she plays with her dolls, Daddy has to work toward readiness. However, I have a number of ideas to get prepared and will be sharing them as I get ready over the next couple of months.

Okay then…


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