Nephews – Double the Trouble & Gifts that Last

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My nephews have been training Saturdays for about four months now. It has been interesting to watch their evolution. I follow many blogs and have known many people over the course of my BJJ training but I have never focused on each aspect of someone else’s training as closely as I have theirs. 

The oldest, Kenyon (10), is aggressive, plays the top game and keeps going until the bell rings. The youngest, Khalil (9), is more laid back and although he initially tries to get the top position, he usually ends up fighting from his back. He has developed a good defense for chokes from the back though.

It is funny to watch them in class because they are always rough with each other and giving each other shoves when their going through drills and they never fail to pay each other back. However, when grappling with others they adhere to the regular rules of civilized conduct. 

This weekend they worked on a double leg takedown which ends in side control and a reverse from the guard. They also played this game where they would lay beside each other in the opposite direction and then sit up quickly and see who could establish side control first. 

I really like watching their classes because their instructors (Smiley & Phil) go over a lot of basic techniques. It’s like watching a review DVD. I have even used what I’ve seen in some my own. What I really enjoy though is the fact that they will carry these skills with them for a lifetime, regardless of how long they train. I believe in gifts that last more than toys so I am glad that I was able to do this for them.