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Outstanding News: Black Belt Magazine published my Article

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Great News!! This weekend I found out that Black Belt Magazine published an article (September/2008) I wrote concerning exploratory research I conducted on what percentage of “fights” actually go to the ground. I bumped into a forum on the net where people I never heard of were having in-depth discussions about me and the article and it was surreal.

After I went to Black Belt Magazine’s  website to make sure it was real, I noticed that my article title made the front cover at the very top. It was 10 PM but I hopped into my jeep and drove to the nearby Books-A-Million and scooped up a few copies. Sure enough, just as on the web, my article’s title was featured at the top of the cover and featured on page 92. On the website it states:



A Ph.D. studied videos of 300 street fights and analyzed them for lessons that will benefit all martial artists.

Black Belt Magazine is a magazine that I used to really enjoy as a child and teenager and who would have thought that I would be published in it one day. This is not my profession, so it took me by surprise.  When in communication with Black Belt, I was still teaching at my former college. So when they decided to publish it, they had no way of contacting me, using my old email address. I’m glad I found it.

If BJJ  and Mixed Martial Arts would have been around when I was a kid, even a teenager, I probably would have been in MMA instead of being an academic. Maybe not. But it sure is an honor to have them publish my work.