Grandby Roll

Friday’s Class: “Good Movement.”

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Friday was a good day for my BJJ development. I am having trouble pulling off certain techniques in class because of flexibility. Just about every class, I have to be given a variation of a technique in order to pull it off. I am not a basket case, I just need a serious flexibility regimen.

I must honestly say Friday was the first time that I could remember during a class feeling embarassed. I couldn’t quite pull off a movement and there was an older women present watching the class. I just couldn’t get the technique and I felt a twinge of feeling like a ‘dunce.”

Go figure.

But that was fleeting and it doesn’t matter because I am not going to stop training BJJ.

Now here’s the good part of class. As I rolled with the instructor (Smiley), during the last portion of class,  I could literally feel the improvements that I have been making. I was able to pull off a Granby roll, a sit-out, escape a rear mount choke, escape from a couple of armbars and generally protect myself better. Smiley’s technical instruction has really provided me with a lot of new tools. I still spent most of my time defending, but I have added more offense to my defense. I can’t remember what I tapped out to the first time we rolled, but the second time it was to an armbar. At the end of our first roll, Smiley said, ” Good roll. Good movement.”

I was jazzed because I actually could sense the improvement.

Then I rolled with a new guy to the day class. I believe he takes the night class and brought a couple of his friends to the day class to try it out. He seemed to have some experience because I noted the way he took his friend’s back easily from his guard using an underhook. I actually remember saying to myself that he wouldn’t be able to take my back like that when I was watching him wrestle his friend. But I’ll be doggone if after we started rolling he was able to take my back from my foiled butterfly attempt. I could tell he hasn’t been doing it that long though because he stood up while I was in butterfly guard and basically ran around my defense. Either way he had my back. I grabbed his right arm placed it over my left shoulder and then twisted into his guard. I broke and passed his guard and went from side control, a small sit out and then a quick mount. After about a minute of struggle I was able to tap him out to a knuckle choke.

From time to time I enjoy rolling with average students and the newer students. It lets me see the progress I have made. I usually grapple with the most advanced student (Big K) or the instructor since it is a morning class of usually 6 to 8.

Note: The above video demonstrates the Granby roll again. The wrestler gives up his back to achieve a pin. I would spin to guard in BJJ.