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A Vampire on the Mat – (A Submission Grappling Vampire Story) – Excerpt

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Excerpt from A Vampire on the Mat available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and soon, iTunes.

“What are you doing here? Did you follow me?”

“I’m sorry. So sorry!” Kevin said

“Sorry! Sorry for what?” said Carl.

As Carl realized what was going on he felt a sickening feeling in his stomach. But not sick enough where he couldn’t react. He looked around quickly, but the nearest house was half a mile down the dirt road.

He was on his own.

“Fuck that!” Carl piped up. “The only thing you need to feel sorry for is this ass whippin’ you’re about to get.”

Kevin lunged at Carl but was met with a one-two punch that staggered him. Kevin quickly caught his bearings and this time held his head down as he rushed in and tried to tackle Carl by grabbing his leg. Carl barely missed him with a right hook but still caught Kevin in the forehead with an uppercut.

Kevin ate the punch and managed to wrap both arms around Carl’s left thigh. Carl, out of habit, pushed down on Kevin’s head and tried to sprawl backwards and free his leg. He was able to get both legs back and landed with his chest on top of Kevin’s back. He immediately began elbowing Kevin in his spine while Kevin continued trying to grab his leg.

In seconds, Carl realized that Kevin didn’t really want his leg but instead wanted to keep him close so he could sit back and pull him into him. It was too late. Kevin flipped from being on his knees and pulled Carl on top of him. He wrapped his legs around Carl’s waist, reached up with both arms and pulled Carl’s head onto his chest.

As Carl realized the stakes he freaked out. This wasn’t BJJ class. He couldn’t tap out. If he did it would be the last time. He jumped up with Kevin clinging closely to his body. He managed to push off Kevin’s right leg and then he moved his right arm between Kevin’s legs. Carl was going for a body slam.

Carl cradled Kevin and lifted him as high as he could. Then he slammed him head first into the dirt. Kevin made an ‘oomph’ noise as his body crumpled into the ground…

End of Excerpt from A Vampire on the Mat available on AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwords and soon, iTunes.

This book can be read on your computer, tablet or cell phone using your Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble free apps. You can also read it on the computer using Smashwords or Lulu.

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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Grappling hits No.1 on Amazon UK

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