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King of the Hill: “Takedown Style”

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BJJ (all Grapplers) Survey going strong – click here to participate – Nov 18th, 2008

Last night I was finally able to return to BJJ class. I am trying to sort through a BJJ plateau and scheduling issues. I am glad that the holiday season is coming up. Since the semester is ending early next month I will be able to attend a lot of morning classes.

Carlos put us through a lengthy warm-up last night; running, light sprints, rolls, crawls, hand stands. Afterwards we worked on three variations of single leg takedowns. We followed this up by working on variations of the scissor sweep, one of which leads to the triangle.

Before the rolling session, we played a game called “King of the Hill: Takedown Style.” Essentially, you stay in as long as you defeat your opponent. Once you have them down on the ground, you must either hold them in side control or mount for 3 seconds or submit them. If neither person has control for 3 seconds or can gain the submission in 10 seconds, you have to go again. After three tries both people are out and two more people go in. Needless to say, this can be very taxing.

The first guy I went up against, I grabbed both of his arms with overhooks and performed an outside leg trip. I landed on him  in the mount and held him for the three seconds for the win. Then I went up against Paco who I understood was the reigning champion. I did the same trip but we ended up in a scramble and he jumped to his feet. I secured the overhooks and locked his arms again but this time I turned in for a hip throw. I pulled off the throw but we kept rolling and we ended up with him being in side control and  a quick mount for the victory.

On my next turn the guy I faced the first time was on to my trick and when I pulled him close he pulled on my lower back and I fell backwards. He tried to quickly gain the a control position but I fended him off and pushed him until he landed on his hands and knees. As I was climbing onto his back he grimaced and fell back and said that his cup clipped him (He was okay).

Next I faced Paco again and we battled back and forth 3 times before he attempted an armbar and left himself wide open for side control. I held him for the required 3 seconds for the win. Before that though I had scored a trip where I pulled his right leg in the air and tripped him with an inside leg sweep. During one exchange they had to stop us because he shot in and we were flying toward the newly constructed wall in the gym. All of the instructors and quite a few of the guys complimented me on my throws and the subject of Judo came up at the end. So the cat is out of the bag now.

What was really funny about the entire night was that the first guy I faced told me later what he was going to do to me before our match ended prematurely. He told me how he was going to “grab my arm” and twist it like this and “push me here” and how we were close to the metal shelf so he had to “hold back” and how he took me down. He’s a good guy, but I found that hilarious. I always have plans for my opponents but they also have plans and it almost never works out just as I thought.

 BJJ (all Grapplers) Survey going strong – click here to participate – Nov 18th, 2008