Back in the groove….and a question to all.

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After missing three classes of BJJ due to traveling I was able to jump right in without getting too tired. Fatigue didn’t set in until sparring. This time we added a variation to our shrimping drills in the beginning. We practiced shrimping on the wall. Which we later used as a technique while working with the x-guard. We practiced another sweep with the x-guard leading to side control and then using x-guard to establish a triangle.

After that I rolled with another guy (Ant) who usually attends night classes. We started from standup and I was able to quickly take him down with a controlled hip throw and established side control. From there we pretty much went back and forth for about 10 minutes. I was able to incorporate a lot of the moves that I have been learning since I arrived here and I can see that I am becoming a lot more technical. I also was able to reverse his mount position by slapping on a body lock and bridging to my side.

I did, however, have one thought while grappling though. I had on a gi and he had on a rash guard and shorts. While I had to work with gripping his arms and torso, he constantly used my gi and collar. I have very little experience grappling with the gi on in BJJ so it put me at a disadvantage. I will be fine because I need to learn how to defend (he tapped me in the end with an armbar) but what do you guys normally do when you are grappling no-gi and the other person has on a gi? Do you also wrestle them ‘no-gi style’ or do you use their gi to your advantage?