Twister Side Control

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While perusing through Eddie Bravo’s book, Mastering the Rubber Guard, I came accross the Twister Side Control. It reminded me of the technique that we often use in our class where we switch our hips from a scarf-hold position to face in the other direction. From that point we would usually pull down the opponent’s knee, if it was being used to block, and then insert our far leg over our sparring partner’s stomach to obtain the mount.

The Twister side control, however, allows you to set up the Twister. I tried to to use the side control in class twice last week and I ended up having my sparring partner pop up both times and attempt to take my back.

I’ll keep working on it though….


One thought on “Twister Side Control

    christian said:
    May 21, 2008 at 6:52 am

    please shave your head that patch is painfull.

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