Comments and Questions on UFC Fight Night

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I think Burkman ‘was robbed.’

Corey Hill won his fight. Can we see him in a televised bout?

Nate Diaz looked like he was putting on a clinic.

What’s up with the Rambo Replay???

Do we need interviews with Joe Rogan’s buds?

Finally, I enjoyed the fight between Omigawa and Tavares (minus the stand-up). I enjoyed watching Omigawa use the open guard to control his opponent and how often he was able to stand up. He timed it just right so he would duck as Tavares would instinctually throw a punch as he was rising to his feet. I also liked Omigawa’s attempts to armbar him from unorthodox positions.

His armbar attempts reminded me of my first tournament match as a Judoka. I (a white belt at the time) went up against a brown belt. New to the sport, I went for a double leg and caught him by surprise. As I rose up I found myself in an armbar. My right hand was planted on the mat between his arm and chest and he wrapped his arm around my elbow to force the tap when I naively sat up in his guard.

Overall, I would say that the Omigawa/Tavares match was the most interesting fight for me. I also had an 80 percent accuracy rate on my predictions….. 


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