Knee-on-Belly (KOB) Success/Class Wrap-up

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Good news. I have been able to add the knee-on-belly (KOB) technique to my arsenal with much success. My practice on the heavy bag paid off. I attempted it on two different guys in class, multiple times, and was able to obtain it every single time.

I think the mere explosiveness of the move is what allowed me to gain the position. I noticed that two things generally occured when I tried out the KOB in class. My opponent was momentarily shocked that it happened and didn’t react quickly  and I could either go back to side mount or full mount or they immediately shrimped away from my knee. So my next plan of action is to find a way to set up a trap for when they shrimp away.

In other good news, I am improving in my ability to control Big “J.” I noticed that my guard pass has become a little more proficient and that I am able to hold him down for an extended period of time. I even heard him grunt a few times so that means that I am using my weight more effectively. Yet, my main problem is when he gains the mount on me. It seems as if he is standing up when he is kneeling over me and he usually taps me from this position. Last night it was an armbar. I’ll figure it out though…..

I’ve noticed that the fluidity that I once used to display (in my opinion) is coming back and a guy in class complimented me on my ability to defend rear-naked-chokes. So overall, I am happy with my improvements….


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