My First BJJ Instructor: David Fermin

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I can’t believe it. I found some video of my old instructor from Tallahasse, Florida. I couldn’t ever find anything on him before because I never knew his last name. I just knew that his first name was David (pronounced Dah-veed). This is the man that provided the base and a substantial amount of my BJJ knowledge (WorldVibe Jiu-Jitsu).

I heard that my hometown had a new BJJ academy open up so on a whim I typed in Tallahassee and Jiu-jitsu in YouTube to see what would happen. A bunch of his videos popped up. I found out that his last name is Fermin.

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I also found a number of his fights on YouTube as well. He told us before that he wanted to instruct local law enforcement, etc., so he wanted to add a couple of fights to his resume. However, it seems that he has had more than a couple..

Brings back memories and in a strange way has provided me with motivation. David used to grapple with all of us one after another like a machine (sometimes as many as 8 of us). All of the acrobatic movements and unique looking drills that you see him doing in the video I picked up from him.

It’s good to see that he is doing well…

***If you check out the vodpod video on the left (David Fermin x Chris) you will see David’s opponent throw a punch and David catches him in a arm and head choke while standing. ***


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