rip a phone book in half

Ripping phone books in half doesn’t help my Jiujitsu

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On Sunday I happened to bump into a video about ripping phone books in half while watching some grappling videos. And, you know what happens if you get distracted when watching videos on Youtube, I ended up watching about five more. The people in the videos made it look easy enough so I went off in search of phone books in my house.

I asked my wife where they were and she told me they were in the laundry room. Then she asked why with a note of suspicion in her voice. I told her it was no big deal, I just wanted to see if I could rip one in half.

To make a ‘long story short,’ I spent five minutes trying to rip a one-inch telephone book down the middle. My wife soon interrupted me and told me I probably should take it easy. I told her I was fine but just before she mentioned that I did notice that my back seemed to tighten up as I was tugging on the book.

Not to be deterred I tried it one more time and this time I followed the proper technique. I ripped that sucker in half. I was ready to call that Christian muscle man Group where one of the guys rips a four-inch phone book in two. I have to admit that I felt euphoric afterwards and that I didn’t think about what I did until last night’s (Tuesday) BJJ class.

We started off working on ippon seoi nage (shoulder throw). I could barely turn into the throw. I have never had an issue with this technique before so I knew something was wrong. Later when we were working on mount escapes the drill required me take shoot my legs backward and into my opponents armpits. Both my lower back and neck cramped at the same time, while I was folded in half.


I made it through class, but I will have to be careful on the sideline activities.

(That doesn’t mean I won’t use the telephone book trick to impress my nephews.)