Mixed Molly Whoppery – You Need This!

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I have found the best Mixed Martial Arts podcast/show ever. These past few years it has been very hard to listen to MMA shows. They are ubiquitous, they all cover the same content and there is very little originality in subject and delivery.

However, I stumbled upon one of the coolest analysts out there and hardly anyone knows about him. His podcast, Mixed Molly Whoppery, has slick production, strong content and smooth delivery. And the best part, he sounds like he is out of a Robert Dinero movie. It is like having Robert Dinero or Joe Pesci break down the world of MMA for you.

Yet, the level of knowledge is not like something you would hear from a guy off the street, an MMA fan or an MMA analyst on TV. This guy has levels. He goes 6ft deep with his analysis and you feel as if you are smarter after listening to him. The people who do know about his Youtube page go crazy over his posts in the comments section.

If you are a fan of MMA but are tired of MMA analysis you could do yourself, this is your guy.

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