Fitocracy – Joined the Party

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I joined the party. A few months ago, I read Julie Johansen’s blog and she was raving about Fitocracy and I think her lineage to it is through Slideyfoot. Anyway, I requested an invite and they finally got back to me a couple of weeks ago. As my fire had dwindled waiting for the invite, it took me a couple of days to sign up.

Why did I wait????

Fitocracy is awesome. It takes the ridiculous social cues and reward systems that we respond to (fall for) and link them to exercise. In other words, gains that you may not see for days, months or a year are immediately ascribed to your profile as soon as you log your workouts. Of course I am not talking about fat loss, muscle built or an increase in endurance. I am talking about points, rewards, fist bumps, stuff like that. People can also give you props, follow you and comment on your workouts (it’s a social media network too.)

It may sound silly, but the first night when I signed up, I got up and exercised just because I wanted to post to the board. I also have been motivated to exercise even when I was mentally drained. I have even been doing things like walking around my campus and going up and down flights of stairs (while at work) because I want to see those points build and increase my level. (It’s easier to increase in rank than BJJ. Well, that probably goes for anything…cough, cough!)

But anyway, you get my drift.

I joined the Red Bull Challenge yesterday and it starts tomorrow. It is a three week challenge and they will have scoreboards, leaders, ranks and points will be given out. They will also be giving away free trips to CA and prizes. I didn’t join for the prizes or trip (loser talk), I just want to see what I can do for three weeks and see if I can get on that scoreboard and gain a little rank.

Now to be fair, it isn’t all gravy. One guy, who was a leader in some category a week or so ago, exercise routine seemed highly questionable and if I saw him in the street I would ask him about it, but I never will so I won’t get the chance. However, most people seem to be on the up and up for recording their workouts and ultimately it is for your own personal gain. Other than that, I would say it is one of the best motivational tools out there.

Now if they would just create Dietocracy. 🙂

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