My Jiu-Jitsu Gym Bag

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Well if I am going to do this then I need to be prepared. Usually when I go to my grappling class (no-gi) I usually have the following items; mouth guard, bottles of water, sandals, watch, and a beanie (for when it’s cold). I can’t carry much more because when I’m there I put it all over the floor.

I have to do better.

So on my birthday, I bought a gym bag so I can carry all my goods. It’s a cheap sports bag that I picked up from Wal-mart for $9.82, minus the tax. It has an ample sized middle space, a water bottle pouch, an inside sleeve for my iPod or cell phone, a wet shoe bag pouch and a front zipper section that can hold my mouth guard and another side section to store miscellaneous goods. It also has a carrying strap.

Well, what have I put in my new Jiu-jitsu Gym Bag so far? Judo gi-top and Green Belt (I wear gi pants in class and some of the other guys wear gi’s even though is a no-gi school), my mouth piece,  an extra beanie and that’s it. Sorry….

Now that I think about it, I am going to add my jump rope, band-aids (I ripped some skin off my big toe on the new mats they just put in) and some sports tape in there.


Let’s Do This – From Nov. 15, 2007 to Nov. 15, 2008

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The eve of my 34th birthday, I thought of the idea of doing jiu-jitsu for 365 days straight and seeing where I would end up. Yeah, I know that I may not be able to do it everyday. That’s life! I do know I can do more than wait to take classes two nights a week. 

I either read, watch or participate in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling or MMA every day. However, I don’t practice grappling everyday.  I become frustrated because I know my desire and motivation to improve is there but the opportunities to practice are not. I watch grappling videos and wish it was me in the heat of a competition. I pore through magazines thinking the same thoughts.

I am tired of becoming rusty by the time I leave my Thursday class and go to my Tuesday class the following week. This is my attempt to change that through sheer will and dedication. I will keep you posted and any suggestions on how I can fill up the 365 days will be appreciated…