Non-stop Grappling!!!

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Class was fast paced today. We had one minute rolls for the majority of class in various positions. We paired off and started in guard, switched positions after a minute and then went to side control, back control etc. Then we had people get down in the center and if you were swept, reversed or submitted then you were out.

Near the end of class we rolled until the other person tapped out. My first roll lasted with Justin, a Blue belt who takes about 8 to 10 classes a week. He caught me with a triangle while in mount at the end. Jeff, another Blue Belt caught me in a Kimura. Not my day, but at least I can say I am not worried about a lower belt tapping me out. I wondered about that before I was promoted, but it was just like any other day. I do need to continue to work on my endurance though. I could feel my resolve leaving me near the end of class and I was being sloppy with my defense.

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