“Na-ah! It’s not going to happen!”

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There were just two of us in Advanced class on Wednesday; Tristan and me. The fighters had just finished up a long session before ours and many of them opted out.

As a warm-up we started out working on a reversal of the headlock if someone has you in Kesa-gatame. Prof. Roberto had us roll back and forth practicing it for about 10 minutes. Then he showed us a slick choke (using the other person’s gi) that we can use from side control. He also showed us a variation of it that we can use to obtain an opponent’s back.

After practicing these two submissions, Prof had us roll from set positions. I started in Tristan’s guard. Tristan, who is also one of the fighters at GB, is a 2 or 3 stripe white belt but he is a gym rat so he is pretty sufficient at avoiding submissions. He’s about 6ft tall and appears to be about 180 but is only 155 pounds. In our first five minutes I was able to pass his guard with a bull fighter’s pass but when I came down my knee crashed into his and action stopped. When we resumed I was pretty much able to keep a dominant position but I was not able to submit him. I haven’t been able to since I started training here 3 months ago.

On our second roll he started in my guard. I tried to triangle him and instead ended up being passed. From that point we traded positions back and forth until I ended in side control near the end of the round. I have been working on the arm bar from side control and attempted to pull it off. As I headed around to his other side Tristan said something like, “Na-ah! It’s not going to happen!” He was right and I lost my grip. But it did put me in a good position to try for a bow and arrow choke from behind. I was actually able to reposition myself a couple of times because I had such good control from the arm-bar setup. I’ll never know what would have happened though because Prof Roberto said, “Time!”

Prof then asked for us to choose what position we wanted to work with him in. I asked for him to place me in mount. I don’t get mounted often but when I do I stay longer than I like. The funny thing is that I am hard to submit when I am mounted, (In a real fight I would get my behind whooped because it would take me so long to reverse it!). Prof had a mount that I was not used to but I stayed calm even when he smothered me. I am used to huge guys doing it so it would take a lot to make me panic. I was eventually able to get the reversal but he submitted me with an arm-bar soon after (He tweaked my elbow.). We immediately started again with him in the mount. After a bit, I was able to reverse again and even briefly had a shot at a guard pass attempt (I didn’t get it) before the buzzer sounded.

We bowed out after that. I was tempted to attend the fundamentals class (there seemed to be at least 15 people) but I had to prepare for work the next day.

Good class!


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