You have Good Stamina!

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My quads are shot!

Near the end of class our second to last drill was a knee on belly exercise where we switched from side to side for 2 minutes. My drilling partner told me I had good stamina because I was going the entire time. I must have put on a good show because my thighs were killing me. At the end, I actually wobbled. I thought it was the last drill but Prof. Robierto called us back out to do a defending the turtle exercise.

Earlier in class we worked on a double leg entry that ends in obtaining the person’s back. Then we worked on gaining guard if the person is able to sprawl from our double leg and one where we can obtain guard if the person sprawls and then takes our back. Very good stuff!

I’ve gone three times this week already so I feel good about my training at GB. Tomorrow morning I will be back at it again.



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