Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap!!!

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Saturday we reviewed the same techniques as the last class.

Monday’s Class

I mentioned, previously, that Gracie Barra follows a curriculum. I was told that it was posted on the wall when I first signed up but I didn’t look for it. I finally saw it today. As advertised everything is posted. This week we are working on guillotines, guillotine defense and attacking the turtle. I also figured out that every class in the week (at least fundamentals) will cover the same material. As a long time grappler I am pretty familiar with a lot of techniques but I am ‘eating up’ the fundamentals program and the amount of repetitions we do.

At the end of drilling we had controlled sparring where one person would be in turtle while the other person tried to flip them over and get both hooks in, mount them or submit them. I was partnered up with Dave (6 ‘5 and 270) and I started in turtle. I hunkered down and weathered his initial assault and then he grabbed the top of my gi collar and I don’t know what else and fell back and pulled at the same time. I started to roll straight backwards and I could feel the pressure on my ankles and my ‘messed up’ big toe. I quickly called “tap, tap, tap, tap” but I guess he couldn’t stop himself once he started to fall backwards. Luckily, nothing snapped or popped and I only tweaked my toe a little bit.

*Also, Alberto, from my old academy, Combat Athletix, has joined the school. I didn’t recognize him at first because he had shaved off all of his hair and he had a gi on and couldn’t see his tatoos (I only saw him in no-gi classes). I had a couple of battles with him there as he is a muscular guy (6ft/200+) and is explosive. He said he moved and GB is a lot closer so he made the switch.


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