Last Friday’s Class (19 Feb 10)

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Last Friday was a solid class. I am progressing at a steady clip and feel good about my development.


Jogging, acrobatic rolls, shrimping and stretching


We worked on a takedown that involved popping up our partner’s leg with one of our feet. Following that we worked on passing guard after our partner has established half-guard and an under hook. It  involved over-hooking the elbow and the tension makes the person forget about their guard and worry about protecting their arm. Meanwhile, the top guy can pass.


I rolled with Vick (white belt) first. Vick had a gi for the first time on Friday. He’s been coming to class for months without one so I decided to ‘take advantage’ of this opportunity. Usually our rolls are spent with me in his guard while he is attacking using my gi. This time I used his gi to control his movements and maintain positional dominance. He defended all of my attempts at chokes well though and as he will continue to wear the gi I suspect I won’t be able to ‘take advantage” of him for long.

I also rolled with Dan (white belt). Dan is improving at a lightning speed. He’s 6’4 and 200+ so I suspect he will be a monster. I inadvertently crushed his groin when I tried a knee pass. Sorry Dan! Although I was able to maintain top control during our roll I wasn’t able to get a submission.

My final roll was with Prof. Smiley. Although he taps me pretty regularly I am gaining the ability to breakdown more and more of what he is doing to me. I can actually begin to see some of the techniques even if I haven’t figured out how to stop them yet. After class Prof. showed me the spider guard sweep that he is always catching me with. I have been solo drilling it all week trying to make sure I have the rudiments down.

Solid class.


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