Watch Out! Watch Out! —- Continue.

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It happens all the time, yet I still get tickled at what we do.  I was rolling with a tall white belt who was all arms and legs. He stood up in my guard and was applying a choke while he was bending over. I grabbed his right arm with my left hand so he couldn’t pull back and then under-hooked his left leg. I then threw my left leg over his head for the arm-bar.

It felt like we were going in slow motion as he began to fall and I began to hear, “Watch out! Watch out!” I didn’t know what was going on until my rolling partner had fallen on top of our instructor, Smiley, with me holding onto his arm. We both stopped in position and looked at Smiley, who had been talking to some other guys. He just looked over his shoulder, scooted over and said, “Continue.” We then looked at each other, gave a nod and I was able to tap him with the arm-bar.

Other than that I was pretty happy with my performance. After I rolled with Smiley he told me that I am attacking more, which is good.  Earlier in class we practiced a standing defense against a RNC, chokes from the back and a wicked pull down throw while seated. The last technique generates a lot of force if done correctly. I told my training partner that I would actually become afraid if someone pulled me down like that. 

Anyway, I finally made it back. I am sore and stiff and my neck and shoulders are out of whack, but I’ll be good by next week. 


One thought on “Watch Out! Watch Out! —- Continue.

    state_of_the_art said:
    February 2, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    that’s funny. that reminds me of my professor. we can kick him in the face while rolling, he’ll brush it off…look at us (in other words, don’t do that sh*t again) and say ‘continue’. the guy is like terminator.

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