Boston Crabbin’ – Monday’s Session

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Yesterday we worked on a number of sweeps and submissions from the spider guard and x-guard. I’m going to be honest, I’m having a hard time trying to remember the exact sequences. I was having trouble doing a couple of the techniques that required us to go through my training partners legs by curling up. Charlie, a blue belt who was promoted the same time I received my stripes, suggested I work on my core flexibility. I never really thought about gaining flexibility in my core so I am going to have to investigate what specific exercises I will have to do.

When it came time to roll, I started off rolling with Mariah, a blue belt in class, who is also married to Ryan the purple belt. I spent half of the time defending and the other half trying to pass her guard. Both her and Ryan have this technique where they pull your gi jacket out in the front from the belt, pull you into guard and then try to choke you with it. Everytime she would pull out my gi I would tuck it back in with my free hand, which caused some people watching to laugh. (But I learned early, never let anyone do what they want to in BJJ.) When I tried to do a knee guard pass by the time my knee hit the ground she had my back. After I defended the choke, I spent the remaining time fighting off her grips and trying to pass her guard.

I rolled three more times, one with Justin and Carl (blue belt) and with Charlie. I think Charlie is the reason why my back is hurting this morning. I noticed while we were grappling both times that he seemed to pause  when I was in side control to let me gain the mount. Since I am pretty good at getting the mount, I never imagined that he was baiting me. He bridged like a stallion both times and before I could recover and reposture he used his legs to go under my armpits and escape the mount. The first time he transitioned to an ankle lock, which I tapped to. The second time, I escaped his ankle lock but he tapped me to something else which escapes me. He told me that Smiley taught him the move and he especially likes using it on bigger guys. He said he even put someone in a Boston Crab with it before.

I have had someone remove me from mount before by placing their feet into my armpits and pushing out, but not with such a strong upa. My back felt it about an hour after class. Needless to say, I won’t try to get the mount on Charlie until I learn how to defend against that.

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