Day: December 7, 2008 – Now This is a Website (Blog)!

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I have to admit I love the BJPenn website. The concept is simple but it is fascinating: Follow BJPenn around doing the most mundane stuff in preparation for his fights and media events. The beauty of it is that his life is crammed with the things we BJJers love and that is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, with a fair amount of MMA.

You get to watch; him run his BJJ academy; see how MMA guys train (like Albert “Always Bad Manners”); fights from what used to be his brother’s promotions; gallons of personalized instruction; training techniques; matches of the day and the list goes on. When I first started visiting the site I was surprised at how much content it provided. It also has the Hawaiian vibe that makes it seem like your taking a mini-vacation in BJJ paradise.

I even thought about what it would be like if I created a website chronicling my life as a professor. You could watch as I read books, perform research, lecture to my classes and try to avoid faculty gossip in the halls. I teach about 75 students a day and deal with a number of staff and faculty so you truly never know what crazy thing they may say or sometimes do. But BJ Penn can seriously say that he is pound for pound one of the best fighters ever and no one would blink.  I could make that claim of being the best pound for pound professor but we all know that’s crap (I am very professional and competent though). I may be in the top 100 if you throw in BJJ, although I may be starting something there too.

Anyway, it’s an awesome website and I figure this is the least I can do since I visit it so much and it’s free. But, I also love King of the Cage so I don’t know if you can trust my judgment.