Sprawls, Headaches and Takedowns

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BJJ Study – Open to all Grapplers – Posted Dec 2, 2008

We went all out in no-gi class last night and I didn’t do so well in re-hydrating so I woke up with a headache. Essentially a BJJ hangover. I thought I had done a good job of replenishing myself after practice but when I stepped on the scale this morning I had lost five pounds since the day before.

We performed the basic warm-up with jogging (and all its variations like crossing your feet and such), backward falls, rolling, handstand walking, etc., but it was the pyramid of sprawls that set my system in overdrive. It is the exercise where you start off with one sprawl, then two, then three all of the way to ten.

We practiced a sprawl defense for a single leg takedown, a kimura sweep which leads to side control and a rubber guard technique which ends in an S-mount. Then we practiced takedowns (King of the Hill style). I had a highlight reel moment where I used a single leg arm drag (minus the arm drag) that I observed on the Zhoozhitzu do Graugardo website.

Every time we work on takedowns people start shouting “Judo” or “Judo throw” when it is my turn so when I shot in for the single my opponent, Paco, seemed just as shocked as I was. Just as in the video above it seemed to catch him by surprise and I was amazed at how quickly I dropped levels.  I forgot to tug on his arm but I was able to secure his leg and pull it off the ground.  When he tried to base on one hand I pulled it up and he fell to his back with me in his guard. I heard a couple of “oohs” and “good single leg.”

Later during the rolling session, I rolled with Phil, who is a purple belt. After trying the single leg I felt adventurous so I tried a number of things that I promised myself I would work on. I used “old man defense” even though I didn’t have on a gi, I did a number of half cartwheels to pass guard (he always recovered) and I even rolled my body over his legs to pass guard. He tapped me out with an armbar after I tried this though.

It was a good night.

BJJ Study – Open to all Grapplers – Posted Dec 2, 2008


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