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Have your say in National and International BJJ (Grappling) Survey

I was able to attend a morning class for the first time in three months. It was awesome. I love being able to train early in the day. It was five of us including the instructor (Smiley) so it seemed like taking a private instructional.  We worked on the finer points of a scissor sweep, butterfly guard sweep and an armlock from Kesa-gatame. At night there are a lot more people to roll with, which helps in learning how to deal with a variety of styles but nothing beats more personalized instruction.  

The guy I was partnered with the entire time thought I was new so he kept trying to instruct me in each position before I even began to set up. He kept saying, “Good job!” and “There you go!” even though he appeared to be new. I am trying to adapt the technique that Slideyfoot suggested which is just smile and let my rolling do the talking.

When we rolled he started off seated while I began from my knees. As he tried to sink in his butterfly guard I passed to gain side control, switched to twister side control and then gained the mount. He tried to shake me off but I grabbed his arm and sunk in an Americana for the tap. 

On our second roll he started off on his knees and I decided to start in the seated position. I was able to reverse him and then I tried to work on trying to obtain the twister. I gained twister side control again and I pulled his leg over to try to lock it in for the grapevine. But he was able to spin out and he ended up being able to jump in for the Kesa-gatame we worked on earlier in class. When I twisted toward him he was able to jump into a mount. He tried to go for a choke and then an arm bar, but I was able to upa and push him onto his back when he turned for the armbar. I rose to my knees as he was on his back and then the buzzer sounded.

Have your say in National and International BJJ (Grappling) Survey


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