Elite XC – Wow!

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Kimbo and Ken Cancellation: I can’t say I’m upset that Ken Shamrock is not fighting Kimbo. It looked like that weigh-in was a set up and the to say he can’t fight because of that cut is bogus. I think Seth Petruzelli and Kimbo is a better matchup. Seth has some experience suitable for a match up for Slice.

Ninja Rua vs. Benji Radach: WoW! Rua has a chin on him but Radach has tranquilizers for fists. The first round was short on defense as they both swung for the fences but it was entertaining. I feel bad for Rua as he lost due to a slip that landed him on his back followed by his head being used as a shock absorber for Benji’s strikes.

Gina Carano vs. Kelly Kobold: Kelly Kobold came to rumble but Gina Carano is a monster. She almost RNC’d her from the front (I don’t know how!). Those four kicks at the end were marvelous. I think Carano’s heart was tested in this fight because Kobold really wanted to destroy her.

Arlovski vs. “Big Country” Roy Nelson: Heavily outmatched. Nelson could probably make 205. Roy also looks like he is about 5’11 instead of over 6ft. I think we are about to see a big change in Elite XC in talent. They interviewed Tito Ortiz also. By the time he recovers from his surgery I think they will have enough talent to make some interesting match ups.

Jake Shields vs. Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley: What was Shields thinking about when he went for the arm bar in the first round? The second round though he demonstrated why. Daley just needs to work on his ground defense.

Kimbo vs. Seth Petruzelli: I suspected that Kimbo would not pull through on this one. I think he was over anxious and ran into a awkward punch. Most people don’t know how to time their punches against people who practice or practiced Karate. Seth held his foot out in front to keep Kimbo at a distance and had time to measure his punch. It just goes to show that dreams (Seth’s) can pay off.


2 thoughts on “Elite XC – Wow!

    neijia said:
    October 4, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    Some comments and questions for jj365 or anyone:
    1. Daley looked like he hasn’t studied even half an hour of grappling.
    2. Can you believe Kimbo got KO’ed by such a short punch? Why was he leaning forward like that? I guess everyone will now discount him as much as hardcore fans have been doing.
    3. What will EliteXC do without his big name?
    4. Seth Petruzelli has quite impressive karate and grappling credentials already. Will this fight make him a big star?
    5. Big enough to help EliteXC challenge the UFC at all?

    jiujitsu365 said:
    October 4, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    1. I have seen a few of Daley’s Cage Rage fights and he didn’t have to worry about the ground too much since his striking skills were much better than his opponents. I suspect that he doesn’t have a top level ground specialist(s) to train with. Otherwise he is a very sound fighter. However, Jake Shields is very good on the ground.

    2. I can believe it. he seemed in a hurry and during his interview he seemed a little bit off. Normally he is a one sentence kind of guy but something was wrong. He still can have a great future in MMA. Everyone loses in that game except for Rashad Evans.

    3. I suspect they will be just fine. Tonight they officially became a brand in my eyes. I think the freak show aspect was out shadowed by the regular fights.

    4. I think Petruzelli will be a star in the Chuck Wepner or Buster Douglas sense. I wish him the best but I don’t see where this will lead. He didn’t do so well in the UFC.

    5. If Elite XC did well tonight in numbers then I think they will. It seems as if they have no problems filling arenas and their fights are solid. I am looking forward to some of the matchups. Plus the UFC is trying to offer fights on SPIKE every time Elite XC is on.

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