Judo Baby!!!!

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I started my transition to the night classes this week. There was about 18 people attending class, which is a lot more than what I am used to in the morning classes. I came when everyone was running laps and I joined in. After running laps we shrimped and then stretched. I noticed that there is also a tendency toward longer and more intense warm-ups the larger the class as well.

We worked on front falls and scissor sweeps that led to mount and back control.  I worked with a purple belt the entire class who showed me some of the more finer points of the technique. It is good to see that there are always endless variations on simple techniques.

After drilling we all matched up for rolling. I actually had a few people ask how long I had been practicing BJJ so I knew I would not be short of rolling partners. I first rolled with a woman named Melissa who had a good base and it was tough dislodging her when she had the mount. My butterfly sweep would not work on her as she would just jump up for side control. I tried using technique rather than power the entire time and she had a lot of spoiler techniques to disrupt my flow from position to position. I slapped on a head and arm choke near the end but she wouldn’t tap so I let it go.

I next rolled with a guy who said, “I have been taking it for a while, but I am not as advanced as you guys.” I didn’t know what to say. I have started to notice a lot lately that people use disclaimers before they roll. I don’t know how to take them unless they are letting me know about an injury. I have had people use a disclaimer before and then wrestle like a bat let out of a cage. When we rolled I was able to obtain positional dominance for most of the time and at the end I transitioned from side control to a hip switch to mount and then submitted him with a knuckle choke. Thanks to Submission 101 for that choke. It is a quick go to choke that I am losing count of on how many time it has worked.

After that I sat down and then a guy who asked me earlier how long I had been practicing BJJ walked over (He has been practicing for a year and a half). He said, ” You wanna roll Big Man.”

After we slapped hands, I attempted to place my hands on his neck and shoulder and I kid you not, I have never felt so much sweat in my life. I lost my balance and said, “Whoa!,” and we both laughed. I had seen him grapple before and knew he was tough and he is very solid so I expected it to be rough but he was relaxed. I was able to push his head down and spin to a back mount where I sunk my hooks in and brought him back to work on a RNC. I made a mistake by not fully shifting his weight to sink my hooks in and not establishing an over-under grip.  He spun around into my guard. He tried to pin one of my arms under my body, but as that is one of my own tricks, I was not having it. I fought it and was able to obtain a reversal, which led to him putting my leg in half guard. I attempted to extract my leg and saw an opening for a knuckle choke (I know: position before submission) and attempted it until the buzzer rang.

Good news: We had a 4th degree black belt in Judo come in tonight and sit in on class. Smiley announced that he will begin to teach Judo on Friday nights in a few weeks or so. My jaw dropped. I can earn that black belt in Judo after all. When Smiley told him that I have a green belt in Judo the instructor, whose name is Tony, said, “You are a green belt.” I responded,” Yes, Sir,”  and then he said, “Good, then you know how to fall.” I didn’t think anything of it until later when I realized that I might be one of the ones used to demonstrate throws.


2 thoughts on “Judo Baby!!!!

    neijia said:
    August 22, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Oh man. Great news. But first of all, exciting recounting of your rolls. I usually do not read blog descriptions of individual’s rolls now but for some reason I read all of yours in this post just now. Must’ve been good writing because it sucked me in and I felt like I was there watching the rolls and at times like I was the one rolling. Second, I am vicariously excited and envious that you get to start judo again. I’m trying to train both judo and bjj, but it’s a pain largely due to having to go to 2 separate schools, with scheduling, pricing, different biases, etc.. I am waiting for one of my schools to also say “oh hey great news, we’re doing both arts now”. That would rock! Cross-train, baby!!!

    jiujitsu365 said:
    August 22, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    I appreciate it neijia.

    For some reason I felt as if I should open up more about what I’m thinking during training.

    As far as having to train in two places I know that must suck as far as fees, etc. If only more BJJ schools taught more throwing techniques and Judo more ground… I think you still would have to have both type of schools but it would sure help out those who don’t have the time to do both.

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