Rolling with Smaller, Faster Guys who are also Strong

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Yesterday we worked on a cross-elbow sweep from the guard. Then we worked on establishing the Kimura when the person recognizes the sweep and holds their base by planting their hand. We followed that up with a Guillotine if the person grabs your back.

We also worked on a an Eddie Bravo move where you can jump into triangle when both people are on their knees and holding onto a whizzer.

After that we had our rolling session. I am the point again where I can do multiple rolls (after warm ups and drills) and rolled for about 25 minutes or so. I rolled with Big K and also a blue belt, Steve, who comes to the day class from time to time. Once again, I was surprised by speed as Steve is a smaller guy. However, he was also strong and knew how to use his weight. He obtained a knee on belly that almost took the wind out of me and his side mount felt like I had a rock on my chest. He also used his forearm with good effectiveness.

With some guys you can relax and roll and with others it feels like you are in a fight for your life. I will be switching to the night class soon as I will began going to meetings at the college next week in preparation for teaching this upcoming semester. Smiley reminded me, last Saturday, that there will be a lot more people for me to roll with. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed the daytime classes and would stick with them if I could, I need to roll with all types so I can re-learn how to quickly adjust to the different grappling personalities.

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