Week Round-Up.. Aug 4th – 8th, 2008

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Earlier this week we worked on rolling out of a guard pass back to guard. We practiced re-obtaining guard after the opponent moves both legs to one side and after they open the guard and slide over for a knee pass. This was the exact technique I wanted to work on and in fact, I had promised myself that I would get a good handle on it this week.

Dean Lister is demonstrating one of the techniques above. Our instructor, Smiley, has this roll nailed down and it gives everyone I have seen him go up against fits.

Today was no-gi, which is my favorite class. After practicing no-gi for so long, it is really hard to adjust to the restrictions of the gi. We worked on single leg takedowns and single leg take down defenses that lead to a neck crank, triangle choke or arm bar.

After drilling, I rolled with a new guy who I quickly realized needed more instruction than grappling time. Then I grappled with a former wrestler who was also much lighter and shorter than me. His speed caught me off guard. I am used to wrestling with the bigger guys so I had to quickly adjust. I had to tap out quickly the first time because my foot got caught in his shorts and he kept spinning while my foot became more entangled. On our second roll we grappled until time ran out.

Then I wrestled a guy who is going to be a senior (I believe high school) this year. I got him with a butterfly guard sweep which momentarily suspended him in the air. I brought him down safely though. He was also quick and when I was butt scooting toward him he stood up and jumped over my defenses and mounted me. I wrapped one of his arms up and bridged for a reversal. Then he caught me in a lockdown calf-crank. It was funny because he smiled at me and asked, do I have you? I answered him by shaking my head from side to side (no).  We went back and forth until time ran out.

One of the major realizations I had this week is that I really, really have to improve my flexibility, so I have been stretching after class and I started a new routine which I will detail in another post.  I am at that stage where I know exactly what I need to do in many techniques but lack of flexibility is becoming a hindrance. I have a prescription for that headache though….

I also realized that I have to learn how to get out of half-guard more effectively, because I am able to get the mount pretty quickly on most but then lose it quickly due to half-guard defenses. I can tap people out when I’m in the mount, but I have to maintain it first…

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