Cartwheels and Airplane Taps

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Big K led class again this Wednesday. I am posting late so all I can remember from the technique portion is learning how to achieve the Twister from controlling the back. As a big guy, I had to modify it a bit. Big K told me I should perform the butterfly stretch more often to loosen my hips and my inner thighs. He believes this will give me a lot more flexibility.

I had a good rolling session. I achieved the airplane tap on a newer guy. This is a technique I learned from my first instructor, David Fermin, where you have your hooks in on your sparring partner and they are laying on their stomachs with their arms pinned underneath their chest. As soon as their elbows seem to be in the middle of their chest, the person on top lifts up and spreads their arms wide as if they are flying. It is an inconvienence tap and skinny and less skinny guys can pull it off.  After this, I tapped him again with a knuckle choke.

Then I rolled with Big K. I was able to pull off a cartwheel in the middle of our roll to get to his other side. We were going pretty good (reversals and passes) until my hand fell into an awkward position. I felt a lot of pressure on my wrist while I was in his guard and I had to tap to get out of it.


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