Defense is Picking Up!

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Last Wednesday we worked on quite a few techniques.  Big K led the class. The three techniques that stood out were; a choke from the guard; a cool way of obtaining a knee bar when someone tries to stand up while you are holding them in guard; and obtaining a calf crank from half-guard (also from a turtle position).

I believe I once posted a technique of the calf-crank from Sambo Steve a few months ago on this blog. However, I found a similar technique offered by the Abhaya Academy. The technique we learned didn’t require us to roll on our back as in the video above . Also it was just a calf-crank and doesn’t feel as if  stated in the video that “your kneecap is about to pop right out of your leg.” (Although I know they use care and caution.)

I also had a good rolling session. I rolled against a guy in class who usually takes the boxing and MMA classes and just stays with the BJJ class through the technique and drilling session. This time he stayed until we rolled. We are about the same weight and I could tell he had wrestling experience. Especially how he yanked me out of mid-air when I went for his back from a sprawl. The only other guy that had done that so effectively was a former wrestler I used to roll with.  Later on, I was almost able to end it with a triangle but he was able to escape. In retrospect, I forgot to pull down his head which would have probably garnered the tap. We went back and forth until I finally ended up on top. He had to tap out because of a cramp.

Then I rolled with Big K and we had a long rolling session. Sometimes I can’t remember what I tap out to when rolling with Big K or Smiley because they are technicians and are pretty intricate with their attacks. However, I believe it was an armbar where you start off in mount and creep up to isolate the arm at about a 45 degree angle and force the tap. That is about the best I can describe it.

After that he complimented me on the roll. When I thanked him, I stated that I believed that I had improved a lot since I began coming there. He then energetically told me that he had commented to Smiley, the other day, that my defense is getting good.

I am happy with that assessment….


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