Day Session: Number Two

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Wednesday/June 11, 2008
I figured I better start posting now before I forget the details. 
This week I have been taking the morning class at 11 AM. About 6 to 10 people have shown up for these morning classes this week. It is held just after the boxing class so some of them stay after to participate. Also the MMA camp that they have for kids takes a mini-break while we go through warm-ups and the beginning of class (technique).
Today we had a light warm-up consisting mostly of stretches before we began to work on ways to pass the guard. We also worked on ways to re-establish guard when trapped in side control.
After about 45 minutes of techniques and drilling we began to grapple. I rolled with one of the fellow new guys to the class. He probably outweighs me by about 20 pounds and is about two inches taller. I was able to control him pretty easily and I tried to work my butterfly guard a bit and any other aspect of my bottom game. When on top I tried to work on climbing high on the mount and securing proper positioning.Since he was new to BJJ he held his arms straight up to defend against my mount. I told him that it was best not to hold his arms in that position since they would be easy targets for arm bars. I also tried to advise him against using all of his energy unnecessarily and to pace himself. He was strong so when he had an opportunity to breakout of a hold he went for it. While trying to pass my guard, he flipped me over like a fish but didn’t keep control of my upper body so I wriggled away. I was finally able to achieve a tap while attempting an Ezekiel choke, but I think he was more exhausted than anything.
When I grappled with our instructor, Smiley, I exhibited classic ‘newbie’ behavior. Last time I rolled with him he used techniques that I have either never seen or was only a little familiar with. However, there were a few positions such as taking the back from the lockdown that I had used often on other people. I knew what he was up to (on a basic level), but I was unable to stop him. Well in trying not to get caught in the same techniques I tried to experiment by going in the opposite direction, etc. I ended up hitting him in the face twice. I felt like the guy in the club that everybody avoids grappling with because he can’t control himself. Smiley said he was fine, but I made sure I toned my movements down a notch.
Then he proceeded to quickly tap me out like the last time. I’m learning that no angle is safe and that I may need to keep my limbs closer to my body and to make sure I have full control of them before trying to obtain another position.

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