Spoiler Alert: Comments on UFC Fight Night Live

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Jiu-jitsu365: *Wow!!!!   I looked down for a second and Houston Alexander ‘got knocked out….’  He’s denying he was out, but the video says otherwise.

I was busy thinking how Steve Mazzagatti no longer has that ridiculous mustache and missed it….

 *Nate Diaz put on another clinic against Pellegrino.  Pellegrino got a little cocky after schooling Diaz in the first round.

*Ahh Man…. Karo lost to Thiago Alves. It’s another case of a fighter being given too many contender fights. His streak was bound to end sooner or later and in MMA it doesn’t take long… He also thought the fight was stopped too early, but he was out….

*Anthony “Rumble” Johnson v. Tommy Speer.   OMG, that knockout by Johnson was devastating.  Speer’s wrestling was nullified by Johnsons wrestling ability so it ended up as a one way striking match.   Impressive….

Ken-Flo pulled it out. I think they moved Lauzon up to soon. He hasn’t really been in a war yet and I think Florian was mentally tougher and broke Lauzon’s will…

Solid night of fights….


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