My Thoughts on “Iron Ring” (BET)

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I watched the premiere of BET’s Iron Ring last week and have mixed feelings. I watched two episodes back to back and out of both shows they had one fight that lasted about one minute. It was like watching a teaser program.

I think the show’s initial episode concentrated too much on the celebrities and their thoughts on MMA. I was also irritated with one of the celebrities bragging about never losing a fight. If you have never lost a fight then you have no older brothers, sisters or cousins; you are an only child; or you have not been in that many fights….

The show did have a couple of MMA vets such as Shonie Carter, Charles (Crazy Horse) Bennett and Wes Sims. Plus, they had a diverse array of fighters who showed up for the tryouts. You have to have a lot of patience too watch it though. Hopefully, it will focus on MMA on the next episode..

This clip above is from the tryouts but didn’t make it to the final cut.


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