Class: Gassed out in 10 minutes

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Last night was exhausting… We worked on guard passes and I gassed out in the first few minutes of class. Breathing wise, I was okay (at first) but I ran out of strength quickly. My goal last night was to begin working harder in practice to prepare for this tournament, but my body had different ideas. So most of the class I was fighting off submissions and being positionally dominated.

I also learned a technique on how to pass the butterfly guard. Basically you wrap an arm (bicep) around the shin and use your forearm and hand to clasp the thigh and calf together of the inside leg. Then take your furthest leg from the trapped leg and pin the trapped leg with your knee. From that point you can release your arm from holding the trapped leg, push down the knee of the trapped leg and quickly switch into a scarf hold position. I have to admit that I felt like a dummy while learning this as it took a while for it to click.

I also worked on takedowns with Big “J.” This is one of my strong suits so I am always encouraged by the fact that if I can take him down with relative ease (because of my Judo experience) then I can become as good as he is (from his BJJ experience) on the ground. It will just take continued dedication….


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