Brief Comments on Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar

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The UFC wanted a spectacle and they were able to achieve it by recruiting Brock Lesnar. Although they offered Lesnar a respectable opponent, they figured that Mir just might be a ‘tomato can.’ I am glad Mir pulled out the victory and wasn’t a victim to the many variables and lucky punch possibilities that could have ended in a loss to Lesnar.

Although Lesnar is no joke in wrestling and his size and strength appears to be out of the average man’s world, there is no substitute for mat time. I think BJJ and MMA would have lost a little bit of credibility if Lesnar would have won. I think the UFC was just chasing a buck with this one. White said he didn’t want to put on “freak shows” like some of the fights in PRIDE. Well this was close. I would love to see Lesnar do well, but not because of ‘freakishness’ alone.

If there is any giant that is deserving of top billing in the UFC it is Tim Sylvia. I know he is not a fan favorite and sometimes he says the ‘wrong thing’ after fights, but he is a trooper and he has proven himself again and again. Noguiera also continuously demonstrates the potency of BJJ and what a hard head can achieve…


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