I used a Choke I saw on “Human Weapon”

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I am glad that I went to class last night. Mentally and physically I have been drained all week and have had to drag myself to training. Yesterday, I had to do a ‘number’ on myself by remebering what it was like when I didn’t have a place to train and there was one other thing…..

I have been waiting for a new person to come to class for a long time so I could measure how far I’ve progressed. I hate to admit that but I’ve have been looking forward to it for a while now. I have reached stalemates with some of the guys in the class, who previously dominated me and then there are guys that routinely best me. Some of the advancement I’ve made is because I am learning their games. I wanted some fresh perspective.

I got the best of both worlds last night. A guy came to class who started training there about a week after I did but I hadn’t seen in a long time. He also has a Judo background and he trains with another set of guys who submission wrestle.

After we slapped hands, I was able to see my progress as I was able to dominate positions, but he had a unique game that let me know he has grappled before. I was able to execute a sweep from the butterfly guard and from there we battled back and forth until finally we both gave up after I couldn’t finish a darce choke.

When we grappled the second time I was able to obtain a rear naked choke using a technique I had learn from watching Human Weapon. However, I had to change it up a bit because he grabbed my arm before I could lock it up. I finished the choke by grabbing my shirt and squeezing until he tapped.

When we rolled the last time I was able to get an armbar that I have never been able to obtain on an opponent. We were in a scramble and I was able to obtain his back. From there I locked in a RNC but he was able to slip around (I don’t know how) until we were almost side by side. When this happened the assistant instructor said, “Don’t you hate it when you can look into the eyes of the person who’s choking you. He’s looking at you and you’re looking at him.” Meanwhile, I transitioned to mount and I was able to secure his left arm. I began to spin for an armbar where I would end up lying on my back but midway I saw that if I just leaned his elbow up against my thigh I could get the sub. With his arm straightened out, I just applied a little pressure while kneeling over him and he tapped.

The assistant instructor came over and patted me on the back and said good job after we finished. Our lead instructor said that we “would be good rolling partners.” So I was glad that I came as I was able to guage my progress and could see the benefits of attending class regularly.

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