Switching to the Top Game

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For last night’s class I decided to change my approach. For the past month or so I have been practicing my butterfly guard and open guard. Therefore, I have been seeking a bottom position when rolling with sparring partners.

As a result, I have seen my guard passed continuosly and have had to fight out of many tough positions. This has improved my ability to defend and has added a few sweeps to my arsenal. However, being dominated consistently while working on new techniques has done nothing for my confidence.

So after a very poor performance on Tuesday I decided to change tactics when rolling. Last night, my main goal was to obtain and maintain top position. I was suprised as I found my game to be much more fluid than any other time during my five months training at this academy. When I did find myself on the bottom I was able to use the new techniques that I had been working on naturally and with greater effectiveness.

I was able to obtain sweeps, rear mounts a few times and could easily transition from side control to north/south to side control and then the mount with everone except for Big J. I believe I caught many of my grappling buddies by surprise since I usually try to work from the bottom.

For some odd reason, I was also able to use techniques that I use to use in my old academy. Things that I thought I could no longer do, I could do all of a sudden.


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