Tap Out Clinic: I was the patient…

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Last night I tapped continuously. Although it was a small class due to the new year, two of the guys that I use as a measuring stick for my progress were there and they were holding a clinic. My butterfly guard, open guard and mount escapes were not working at all last night.

One of the guys who I will refer to as Big J (6’4 225); I was able to match up well against for a few minutes before I gassed. After that I was able to continue but not to full capacity, but I was able to reverse position quite often. I have to admit that I worked out on the treadmill earlier and also played tennis. I thought I would be able to recover in time for class, but evidently not.

The instructor gave me a lot more pointers than usual last night. I view that as a good thing because I believe that I am ready to move forward. I also need to start working on strategy because when I would reach an impasse with my sparring partners I could ‘feel’ them coming up with new solutions while I languished….


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