Happy New Year!/Taking BJJ Back to Basics

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Over the past 46 days I have improved considerably in BJJ. I play an open guard instead of a closed guard now; I have increased my ability to sweep; I have a more effective triangle; I am able to set up more effective ways to transition to positional dominance and I have developed more effective side and top mount defenses. 

At the same time, while undergoing this process, I have also realized how far I have to go. Further, even though I have picked up many tips and tricks and have learned how to implement them to various degrees, I am always struck by the numerous different ways to do something in BJJ. So as I keep learning variations I keep reminding myself that I can’t lose sight of the basics.

As I continue to try to expand my knowledge base I am also continually working on my physical limitations. My flexibility and range of motion, weight and anaerobic endurance are issues that I am addressing and I know if I continue to improve in these areas my BJJ performance will improve as well.

So working on those issues is my continued resolution as 2008 rolls in…

Above is a BJ Penn video that illustrates many Jiu-jitsu fundamentals. (9 min 56 secs)


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!/Taking BJJ Back to Basics

    crosschoke said:
    January 2, 2008 at 8:25 am

    When I started BJJ I weighed 230 pounds! Now I’m down to 215 and I feel like I can roll twice or three times as long . The conditioning part has been very challenging for me but I think it’s a great 2008 resolution – one that I will be pursuing as well. And thanks for the cool video!

    JiuJitsu365 said:
    January 2, 2008 at 10:59 am

    No problem.

    Yeah, I want to compete at a much lighter weight (194 or lighter) so I have to start incorporating a lot more cardio.

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