UFC 79 Minor Predictions

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I will be at a family engagement on Saturday so I will not get to see UFC 79. But I do have some feelings on this event.

Although I am not excited for any of these fights, especially a rematch of GSP and Hughes, I do want GSP to pull it off. Unless he gasses I don’t expect for him to lose. He has honed his skills to a level that Hughes can no longer compete with. Plus, he has the strength to nullify Hughes, which is something that Penn lacked.

When it comes to Silva and Liddell, I expect Silva to come through with the victory. I have always felt that Liddell has been viewed through rose-colored goggles and that he hadn’t faced someone who could really ‘bang,’ with skills to boot. As soon as he faced Rampage, who admittedly just began to sharpen his stand-up skills, he lost. For those who followed Silva in PRIDE, you know that he is a BEAST. He comes after you, come “hell or high water.” Chuck has never faced a guy like Vanderlai, ever….

Although Sokoudjou has exploded onto the scene, I still think that Machida will be able to passify his aggression with his counterfighting skills. I think Machida will pull out the victory.

Finally, I think Melvin Guillard should be able to beat Rich Clementi. Should……but often he becomes careless and loses when he shouldn’t. However, I will go out on a limb and say that he will win this one….

I must admit that the rest of the undercard is full of named fighters fighting relative unknowns.

Dean Lister, Tony DeSousa, James Irvin, Manny Gamburyan and Doug Evans are fighting guys I don’t know enough about to make predictions. I would go with the names in most of them.


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