Day: December 28, 2007

Women In Jiu-jitsu

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When I was at Jax BJJ I noticed two women training together. In my present academy we have no women who train. I am always glad when I see women practicing Jiu-jitsu. Often times, I know it can be uncomfortable for some women to be around so many guys.

However, it has been my experience in Judo and Jiu-jitsu, that men welcome women to the art with no hesitation or reservations. They (men) have been respectful and do not play overly rough, which I have read that some women do not appreciate.

The men who do play rough usually are rough with other men as well. If anything I may be guilty of taking it too lightly, which I know can also be a source of irritation for some women. However, I usually do this with men who are much lighter or not as strong as me because I  believe in technique before power.

I hope that I have not offended anyone with this post. I just noticed that they were training there and I was glad to see it…