Day: December 27, 2007

I Should’ve Tapped!!!

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The tightness in my neck didn’t really hit me until Sunday. At first I thought that it was due to slinging the kettlebell incorrectly when I first brought it home. However, as the tightness and stiffness  went from my shoulder to my neck I realized it happened while training last Saturday.

When grappling, I am the last one to hold out over a submission, because I want to do this for a very long time. Yet, for some reason when grappling with Larry, the black belt, I thought I could maneuver myself out of a neck choke that he had me in. I held on for what was probably a second too long. Not being too familiar with use of the gi in BJJ I should have known better.

I have had this feeling before so I know it will pass. But I feel stupid for violating my own rule of tapping for safety’s sake…..