Day: December 21, 2007

Solo Exercises – Over the Holidays and Beyond

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Before I began Jiu-Jitsu 365, I rarely ever practiced Jiu-jitsu outside of the academies where I trained. However, now that I have made it an everyday habit, I have acquired a number of grappling specific drills and exercises that I can perform.

Since there are so many solo grappling drills I won’t list them here. I will list the warm-ups, stretching and heavy-bag drills. Here are my meager offerings. Feel free to chime in:

Warm-ups: Forward, backward and side rolls. Bridges (neck) and upas to the side and backwards. Judo pushups, Hindu squats, burpees and shrimping….

Stretches: Butterfly stretch, Hero’s pose, cat stretch, hamstring, calf-stretch, “bridge back stretch,” side and forward splits…. (All of these can be found on YouTube.)

Heavy Bag drills: positioning drills such as side mount, full mount, north-south, armbar exercises, knee on belly, guard, butterfly guard presses, sweeps, body slams, takedowns from knees…


Other exercises