Day: December 17, 2007

King Of The Cage Helps with Grappling

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If you read this blog often, then you know I probably mention King of the Cage (KOTC) too much. But everytime I pull out an old DVD set the benefits are just too obvious. This weekend I watched KOTC 14 Shock and Awe out of “The Evolution of Combat” set (125 fights/over 13 hours). Once again I was reminded how you can use KOTC to help you improve your ground game.

First of all, many of these events are from 2000-2004. It is almost like watching MMA in slow motion. Many of the guys were ‘green’ and just beginning their MMA careers.  A lot of the fighters were white or blue belts or beginning grapplers at submission academies. Further, the striking ability of many of the fighters was still at a basic level so you see a lot of “party punches” as Eric Apple likes to say and then clinches for takedowns or shoots.

All of these variables turn many of the fights turn into pure grappling matches. From watching many of the DVDs I have been able to learn techniques as well as pinpoint errors in the fighters’ ground games just because of the pace.

This type of analysis is much more difficult in today’s MMA game  and in almost all shows (KOTC included) because all of the fighters have become much more sophisticated and the pace is much faster.  

Watching KOTC is like the football equivalent of watching game film or the boxer watching fight tape. It is an intellectual exercise that can help you increase your grappling intelligence…