30 Days In – Jiu-Jitsu 365: Training log

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Well, it’s been 30 days since I had the idea to practice Jiu-Jitsu for 365 days straight. At the very least, I have to perform at least 30 solo drills each and every day I am not in class.  I have covered a lot of techniques outside of the class environment. I believe this has helped me gain an advantage. Here are my overall results:

Over 900 repetitions of solo drills (mount and side escapes, butterfly guard sweeps, triangle techniques, rear naked chokes, rolling techniques (a la Dean Lister), etc…

Nomination for Best BJJ Blog of 2007 by FightWorks Podcast


Increased views of my blog:  My “Best Day Ever” was yesterday (82 views) and it has been growing daily.

I have been able to pull off more submissions, obtain more dominant positions and have equalized some match-ups in class. I have even begun to hold back a bit on using the butterfly guard because I noticed it has been giving some people fits.

Areas that need more work:

I need to increase my flexibility. When I am practicing the solo drills I am very aware of my inability to carryout certain aspects of techniques. This month I will focus on yoga and stretching drills especially suited for BJJ. I also want to work on endurance. Even though I usually can last as long as my opponent wants to roll, I want to increase the intensity of my sparring. So I will focus on more anaerobic conditioning.

While searching for videos yesterday I bumped into another one of Eddie Bravo’s clips on the importance of repetition. He discusses the idea that after a certain number of repetitions you begin to “own” the technique.  I agree with Bravo. Even though I have to practice my solo drills alone, they have improved my game substantially.


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